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Habitat for Humanity and America's Second Harvest
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Online Retailers offer aid to Katrina Victims

Coral Springs, FL, 9/21/2005 — In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the entire country learned the sheer destruction that a strong storm can cause. More than terrorism or conventional weaponry, the unstoppable force of this hurricane left large areas of the Gulf Coast ravaged. In some places it left nothing at all. In a matter of hours, tens of thousands were left homeless, starving, or worse, and despite the efforts of government organizations and independent charities there are still far too many people who need help today, as well as rebuilding their tomorrow’s. At this time there are not enough resources to last the years it will take to rebuild this region

Shakespeare’s Cigar Corp., has become very proactive in the long term rebuilding effort of the Gulf Coast Region. They wanted to make a difference now, and their response to this disaster has become a Challenge to all Online Retail Operations. They have started, a simple directory for all online retail stores who want to join in and give a percentage (minimum 10%) of their retail sales to their chosen charity from now, until at least January 1, 2006. 

Scott Shakespeare, president of the Company, had this to say, “We challenge all other store fronts on the web to join with us in our quest to help the Gulf Coast Region in their time of need. We will post your store link, your charitable offer and support program right here on As the holidays start arriving, let’s think of our neighbors as we shop, so their holidays may be just as enjoyed as ours.” 

Both Shakespeare Cigar storefronts, Charity Cigars and Nonprofit Cigars will give 30% of each and every product sale from its respective storefronts to the following organizations; will donate 30% to America’s Second Harvest and will donate 30% to Habitat for Humanity. Online shoppers are able to buy products they desire and give to their specific organization at the same time.

When several people and businesses join together in a common cause great things can be accomplished. Shakespeare’s is doing what they can to join the challenge and expand the needed cause Contact them today and they will be happy to include your store, and your offerings within the pages of

About the Company:
Shakespeare’s Cigar Corp. is a fairly new company, begun over 3 years ago, and was originally, and still is, a way for Scott Shakespeare to take on a project with his father, Robert “Shakey” Shakespeare. Since then, however, the company has grown at an incredible rate, already finding a place among some of the top cigar entities around the world. 

The Webmaster
Shakespeare’s Cigar Corp.

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