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The Business Opportunities at Shakespeare's Cigar Corporation continues to grow and expand. We will always try our best to be inclusive of everyone within the industry, from the consumer back to the leaf on the beautiful tobacco plant that grows in the sun or the shade, providing all of us in this industry with great businesses and new opportunities.

Smoke Shop Magazine Shakespeare’s Cigar Corp.
Remains True to Retailers

Curtain rises for retailers seeking online sales. 
By Joseph Finora

The company is offering “online stores” to tobacconists, not only selling Shakespeare Cigar brands, but other exclusive premium hand-made brands imported from Nicaragua and Honduras as well as all-new brands from the Dominican Republic.

Retailers do not pay a fee for the Web presence provided by Shakespeare. They do, however, stock his exclusive brands in their stores and receive a percentage from the sales derived from the site attributed to them. Tobacconists carrying any of the Shakespeare brands qualify for a free web site design with their own “” name to match their “brick & mortar” store. All costs of running the site and fulfilling Internet orders are borne by Shakespeare. One of the first retailers to sign on for his own web presence through Shakespeare’s is Treasures Within, a retailer in Geogia. They carry the Works of Shakespeare lines in their store and promote the web site designed for them at no charge ... More

Shakespeare's Cigar Corp. has discovered that many brand names within the cigar industry are now selling online below the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price). These sites drive purchasing of those particular brands to the Internet while simultaneously reducing sales at the local retailer. The exposure the brands receive using the Internet is very widespread, this is not a bad thing, but a great thing. Then there's the smaller manufacturers of high quality premium brand cigars that refuse to sell through these online discount stores choosing to pass on the opportunity of the sales potential and the widespread exposure. These manufacturers do not want to forget the small, private stores in which their products first appeared long before online sales.

We at Shakespeare's don't approve or disapprove of the market approach being currently used; we just think there's a much better way to handle the current structure of the marketing arenas, those being the brick and mortar retail and the Internet retail. Our way does not weaken the brick and mortar retail stores, but enhances both their offerings and sales. Local retail stores do not need to limit their ability of offering smaller manufacturers' lines of premium brand cigars; they just need to learn how to offer these brands through their own online presence to an ever growing online consumer market.

Allow us to introduce to you the "Works of Shakespeare", a new business to business and consumer based platform designed to bridge the gap between brick and mortar retail shops across the globe, with the buying and awareness structure available within the Internet. We are offering online stores to all businesses and individuals within a multitude of various vertical cigar selling markets. Not only do these stores sell Shakespeare Cigar brands, but they also currently offer exclusive imported premium hand-made brands of the highest quality cigars from around the world. The number of exclusive brands is steadily growing as more unique offerings are presented within the industry.

The "Works of Shakespeare" is being presented in multiple vertical markets, as well as their affiliate partners, for both the retail and wholesale needs of consumers and businesses alike. The awareness surrounding the unique boutique cigar brands and their opportunities will not only be available online, but it allows the local retail tobacco stores the availability to purchase all of the unique blends they might not be familiar with. Our new platform gives all retail stores, with or without an online presence, the additional opportunity to open their own custom turnkey "Works of Shakespeare" presence at no cost.

From golfing and casinos to clubs, restaurants, hotels and even individuals, any physical place that people enjoy a great cigar, or purchase cigars, gifts or other merchandise in a virtual space a "Works of Shakespeare" platform becomes their answer for an increase in their business model and the exposure of all new product offerings. This is a way for everyone to win with commercial harmony, the consumers, the retailers, and the manufactures.

If you're interested in the "Works of Shakespeare" platform opportunities there are 3 programs available:

We encourage you to contact us for all detailed information regarding our very profitable programs. 

Thank you for your continued support of doing better business through the "Directed Market Strategies" of Shakespeare’s Cigar Corp.




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