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"Everything that grows holds in perfection but a little moment"

William Shakespeare


Cigars are of a personal nature, a direct relationship between the "cigar" and the individual and the Shakespeare's have spent years blending candidate cigar tobaccos, looking for their Perfect Blends. "Every cigar is an individual experience."

These are exciting times for the Shakespeares. Never satisfied, they have once again taken the Shakespeare brand to a new level by introducing the Vintage Series which follows the success of their Classic Signature Series. Both the Natural and Maduro varieties of Vintage are special in their own way. The Natural line, with its light Nicaraguan/Connecticut wrapper from the Janastran Valley of Nicaragua, gives the smoker an immediate sense of the mild, smooth flavor they can expect from this elegant selection of cigars. The Maduro retains the entire flavor and texture of the Natural, but the slow-aged, triple fermented exotic Maduro wrapper gives it a slightly more robust taste and a different aesthetic appeal to a whole new segment of the smoking population while still retaining the mild, rich essence and pleasant aroma so important to an individuals smoking pleasure.

Released in both Natural and Maduro, The Vintage Series also introduces its new Petite Corona cigars, headlined as "The Ultimate-20-Minute Smoke".  Shakespeare’s Petite Coronas are made with the identical blend, totally hand-rolled like their bigger brothers, using 100% Long Filler to ensure that every cigar in the Vintage Series has the same mild flavor and smooth draw that Shakespeare Cigars have become known for.

Clearly, these are in fact exciting times for everyone at Shakespeare’s Cigar Corp. The introduction of the Vintage Series, as well as the expansion of the Shakespeare online affiliate programs far beyond banner advertisements. The Shakespeare’s have created a new marketing platform designed to bridge the gap between brick and mortar retail stores, with the buying and awareness structure available within the Internet. 

The "Works of Shakespeare" is the new business platform name, presenting multiple marketing sites, as well as their affiliate partners, for both the retail and wholesale needs of consumers and businesses alike. Not only do the platforms sell our Shakespeare Cigar lines, but they also exclusively offer over 20 premium hand-made brands of the highest quality cigars from around the world. To read our latest Press Release just click here.

Our new platform gives all retail stores, with or without an online presence, the opportunity to open their own custom turnkey "Works of Shakespeare" presence at no cost. The platform provides the medium to bring the old guard tobacco manufacturers onto the internet without compromising their price points, or abandoning the small, private stores in which their products first appeared long before online sales. 

To find out more about our new Works of Shakespeare environment we invite you to visit our Business Opportunities section. Thank you all for your continued support of Shakespeare Cigars.

"We stand behind each and every cigar we make, so you can enjoy our choice of perfection."

A Short Story; Shakespeare’s Cigar History

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